USR5635 56K USB Mini Faxmodem

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Warranty: 90 Day Limited

Documents and FAQs

  • Check the old modem is uninstalled before installation of new modem in 2000/XP?
  • My PWR LED does not illuminate.
  • My 56K USB Faxmodem or my computer is performing erratically after the modem is connected.
  • My computer does not recognize the 56K USB Faxmodem.
  • My modem is reporting a no dial tone message.
  • V.92 FAQs.
  • V.92 Brief
  • V.92 Q&A
  • Windows Dial Up Networking (DUN) error codes
  • Modem communication glossary
  • Additional Support

    If the support information in this section doesn't help you solve your issue, you can contact a USR Help Desk Technician directly.

    Manuals and other Documents

    OS Compatibility




    2012 R2







    Vista 64


    XP 64




    98 SE

    98 FE






    Windows 2000 and XP Driver Version V7.26.00

    1. Download the USR5635-V7.26.00.exe file to a temporary location on your computer's hard drive.
    2. Double-click the file in Windows Explorer and the file will self extract to a folder named C:\USR\5635 (assuming that C: is the hard drive).
    3. When prompted by Windows, direct the installation to the C:\USR\5635 folder in order to complete the installation.
    USR5635-V7.26.00.exe1.2 MB 08-29-06
    You may use our automated utility to update your modem. Your Installation CD-ROM has ControlCenter. If you do not have your Installation CD-ROM, you can download ControlCenter below. ControlCenter will guide you through the update process.
    ControlCenter7.7 MB03-15-03


    ICN Version
    The Internet Call Notification feature, available on USRobotics V.92 modems, allows you to stay in touch with incoming voice telephone calls while maintaining your online connection.
    1. Download the ICN installation file to a temporary location on your hard disk drive.
    2. Locate the temporary location where you stored the download and double-click the ICN icon.
    3. Follow the prompts to complete the installation.
    IcnSetup.exe5.89 MB 12-19-03
    BVRP PhoneTools
    Modem communications application
    BVRP PhoneTools

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