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You have entered one of the following numbers that wasn't recognized:
2299, 8460, 8460A, 8903, 8903a, 65828, 27605, 30429, 00026802, 12651, 5697, 5697a, 00095217, 3090, 0223, 7102, 6345, 6345a, 01156151, 98007201, 25314, 5505315A, 5505315, 5506345a (you may have a 1171 look for similar numbers on your product), 5506345 (you may have a 1171 look for similar numbers on your product), 56678, 64979, 83010, 20778, 1224, 521917, 000753, 052399, 8459, 1801, 23364, 5967, 31214, 5614, 2082, 000276, or 6000758

In order for USRobotics to help you find your model number we ask that you provide further information or you can visit the Support 101 (Product code finder) page to try to find the correct model number on your own.

Complete the following form and include as much information as possible. When you are finished, click the Send E-mail button. Fields marked with a are required. USRobotics may contact you if more information is needed or if your model number can be determined. This is not an alternative for contacting support, do not expect a quick response.

Product Information

1. Was the product preinstalled in the computer when you bought it? Yes     No
If so, you need to get support from the company that assembled the computer. They may have used their own product number. As a courtesy, we provide some of these files on our OEM driver page, but in this case, the computer manufacturer may be responsible for providing support information.

2. Have you checked the product code finder to see if the number you are entering is the right number? Yes     No

3. Tell us what type of product it is. For example, Internal V.92 Modem, External 56K Voice Modem, etc.
4. Do you know the exact name of your product? If so, what is it?
5. What was the number you entered AND where did you see it? Be specific: on the product board, on the product carton etc. Give as much detail as possible.

Contact Information

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