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Broadband Router User Guide
R24.0031.00 (Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT, Me, and Macintosh)

Console Mode

If you forget the system password or the IP address for this product, you must enter the console mode to reset them.

Before launching the console program, find a null modem cable and use it to connect the COM port of the broadband router to the COM port on your PC. Execute a terminal program, such as HyperTerminal.

The connection parameters should be set to 19200 8-N-1. Be sure to reboot the broadband router. When the Power LED starts flashing regularly, you can press the Enter key several times. There should be some messages, and the console prompt ">" will appear in the terminal.

In the console mode, you may reset the IP address and the system password of the broadband router. If you type AP, this will bring up the Command List. The following five command options are listed in the Command List:

  • IP is used to change the IP address of the broadband router.
  • PW is used to set a new password.
  • DS is used to turn the DHCP server on and off.
  • SR is used to save any changes that you made.
  • RR is used to restore the original default settings and reboot.

Note: Remember to execute the SR command to save any changes you make.

The following is an example of the commands used to change the IP address and the password, followed by the SR command to save the changes:

  • IP
  • PW admin
  • SR