Basic Troubleshooting Procedure

This procedure addresses a number of symptoms that you might experience with your wireless network:

  1. Verify the physical cable connections between all of your networking devices: access point (if present), router, and modem.
  2. Ensure that the power outlets to which these networking devices are connected are live outlets.
  3. Check the LEDs on the networking devices to make sure you are receiving power and that are no errors.
  4. For connectivity issues, reboot your DSL or cable modem and wait for the LEDs to stabilise, then reboot your router and wait for the LEDs to stabilise, then reboot your access point (if present) and wait for the LEDs to stabilise. Finally, reboot your computer.

    Other devices connected to the router may need to re-establish their network connections.

  5. Some electronic devices, such as 2.4GHz - 5.8 GHz phones and microwave ovens, may interfere with the wireless signal and affect your wireless range and link quality. Try creating a wireless connection on a different channel.
  6. Low link quality or range can be caused by environmental interference, such as lead-based paint and concrete walls. Try to move the antenna of the router or access point, or reposition the computer or wireless adapter. If possible, ensure that there are no obstructions between the wireless adapter and the router, or if you are using an access point, between the wireless adapter and the access point.

If you still have trouble using the wireless adapter, follow the procedure below that best describes your symptom.

I inserted the before the Installation CD-ROM.

The USRobotics Installation CD-ROM did not automatically start when I inserted the Installation CD-ROM.

I accidentally clicked Cancel during the software installation procedure.

I cannot connect to my wireless router or access point.

The could not connect to a wireless router or access point using WPS.

Security is enabled on my Wireless Router, Access Point, or network authentication server, and my wireless adapter cannot connect.

The USRobotics Wireless Utility icon is not displayed in my system tray.

My computer does not recognise the .

The does not find the wireless network that I want to connect to.

I am no longer able to access the Internet.

I cannot achieve MAXg (125 Mbps) connections to a Wireless MAXg Router or Access Point.

My computer does not create a wireless connection to the wireless router or access point after I changed the settings.