Voice Modems
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Product Manuals
Simple, step-by-step instructions to connect, install, and register your USRobotics product.

The following products now have a dedicated support page:
Note: Microsoft Windows 2000 and Windows XP includes drivers for many USRobotics modem products. Click here to see a list of drivers included. Check back periodically for updates if your driver is not included in either version of Windows or if it does not appear on this page.

Previously shipped products

USRobotics voice and USRobotics Vi modems only
Windows 95/98 UNIMODEM/V and TAPI support
This is not for USRobotics Data/Fax modems.
usrwave.inf2401 bytes 04-17-98

USRobotics Modems excluding the WinModems including 00178500, 00178501, 00178400, 00568400, 00568500
Win 95/98/NT INF files
Download this file to your hard disk drive. Double-click the file in Windows Explorer and the file will self extract to a 3.5-inch disk.
mdmusr.exe91851 bytes 02-26-99

USRobotics Voice 33.6k and 56k modems bought between January 1996 to present Including 001171-02, 001171-01, 001171-00 00117102 00117101 00117100 (bad sku -550 6345 a)
Windows 95/98/NT 4.0 driver
Copy this file to a blank 3.5-inch disk. In Control Panel, double-click Modems and remove all Sportster modems. Restart your computer. When prompted, select "Change" or "Have Disk" and point the installation to the 3.5-inch disk. Select the appropriate model and then follow the prompts to finish the installation.

NOTE: You will need to download the usrwave.inf file (above) to complete the modem's installation.

mdmusrv.inf51105 bytes 04-17-98

Sportster Vi 14.4k/28.8k/33.6k modems bought BEFORE January 1996
Windows 95/98/NT 4.0 driver
From Device Manager, remove all Com ports provided by the modem installation (for example, if it is an internal modem creating a Com port, remove it). Copy the attached .inf files to your c:\Windows\INF directory. This should be done using the command prompt on most systems since the .\INF directory is typically marked as hidden. Delete all .bin files from the c:\Windows\INF directory. Restart the computer. If the modem is in "PnP" mode, it should be auto-detected and installed. If the modem is in legacy mode, the user will need to install the modem manually.
mdmusrvi.inf44600 bytes 09-17-97