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The Internet Call Notification feature, available on USRobotics V.92 modems, allows you to stay in touch with incoming voice telephone calls while maintaining your online connection. During a V.92 Internet connection, the USRobotics Internet Call Notification feature will:
  • Display an applet to inform you of any incoming calls
  • Display Caller ID information (if available)
  • Allow you the option to ignore an incoming call, take an incoming call while placing your Internet connection on hold for a short period of time, or drop your Internet connection to take an incoming call for a longer phone conversation. Simply use the regular telephone handset attached to your modem or modem line to talk with the calling party.

Important Note: V.92 features are dependent on your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and your phone company’s technical specifications. Some or all of the features described as follows may fail to operate if your ISP does not support V.92 or if your telephone company uses non-standard methods to handle dual calls on a single phone line. Moreover, phone line quality may adversely affect V.92 features. USRobotics has made every effort to ensure full support of V.92 features in many countries, but local deployment of ISPs and phone company support is beyond the control of USRobotics.

Setup Requirements

There are three main features offered with Internet Call Notification to manage incoming calls while you are online:
  • Incoming Call Notification alerts you of incoming telephone calls
  • Caller ID displays the name and phone number of the calling party
  • Modem on Hold allows you to take a second voice telephone call without losing your Internet connection
The availability of each of these features is subject to certain requirements which are detailed as follows.

Incoming Call Notification (provided by telephone service provider)

Call Waiting service from your local telephone service provider is required in order for you to utilize the Incoming Call Notification feature. Call Waiting may not be available in all countries and regions. Check with your local telephone service provider; there may be a small setup charge and monthly fee for this service.

Call Waiting allows for notification of incoming calls while your analog phone line is already in use, be it for a voice call or a modem connection. If you are already engaged in a voice call when another incoming call is attempted, you will be alerted to the incoming call by a beep, and Call Waiting allows you the option to switch between your two calls using the telephone keypad.

Caller ID (provided by telephone service provider)

Caller ID service from your local telephone service provider is required in order for you to view the displayed name and phone number of the incoming calling party. Caller ID may not be available in all countries and regions. Check with your local telephone service provider; there may be a small fee associated with this service.

This service can also provide you with the identification of incoming callers while you are already engaged in another voice call; providing your telephone is properly equipped.

Note: In some countries, the Caller ID data is sent by the network in the form of DTMF tones. Your modem does not support this format, and therefore, will not display Caller ID information.

Modem on Hold (provided by Internet Service Provider)

In order to utilize the Modem on Hold feature, your Internet connection must be established in V.92 mode. This means that your Internet Service Provider must offer V.92 service, and your modem must succeed in establishing a V.92 connection.

If you are on a V.90 connection, meaning first-generation standard 56K mode, the Incoming Call Notification feature will still be available, but your only options would be to either ignore the incoming call, or respond to it at the expense of dropping your Internet connection. Only a V.92 connection will allow you to place the Internet connection on hold.