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  • iBand - a Desktop Network Bandwidth Monitor

iBand (Windows Vista, XP, 2000, Me, and 98)

IBand conveniently monitors your network traffic. You can easily see how much data is being received by or sent from your computer over your dial-up modem, broadband modem, wireless network card, LAN, or any other network adapter you have. There are other utilities, but they usually display their information in a window that obscures what you're working on or uses up other valuable screen real estate.

IBand displays your current downstream (receive) and upstream (send) rates. The orange color in the graph represents the rate at which data is being received. The blue color indicates the rate at which data is being sent. The current rates are displayed as numeric values to the right of the graph. The top value is the data receive rate, and the bottom value is the data send rate.

IBand also displays gray horizontal gridlines to help you read the graph. If you are using a high speed network adapter, iBand will use a logarithmic scale for the graph. (In this event, you may notice that the gray horizontal gridlines are very close to each other at the top of the graph.)

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