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USRobotics Internet Call Notification User Guide


Problem: I'm not being notified of incoming calls while online


  • Is the ICN icon in the system tray? If not, see Software Installation or install the software.
  • Is notification enabled in the configuration? See Configuring the Internet Call Notification Feature and make sure that the "Ignore" option is unchecked.
  • Is Call Waiting service available? To verify this, place a regular voice call using the same line as the modem, and have someone dial into this number from another phone line. You should hear a beep coming from the telephone network indicating an incoming call. If you do not hear the beep, check with your telephone service operator that Call Waiting is effectively available. Your telephone service operator will also be able to explain you how to activate it if it is not active by default.
  • Have you installed the correct drivers for your modem? Try uninstalling your modem, rebooting your computer, and installing the modem again using the correct drivers provided for your modem.
  • You will be notified of incoming calls only if you established a connection using the V.90 or V.92 protocol. If you connected with one of these protocols, your reported connection speed will typically be above 33,600 bps, but below 57,600 bps. If you connect through any connection other than through the V.90 or V.92 protocol (such as V.34 for example), this feature will not work and you will not be notified of incoming calls.
  • ICN will be best able to notify you of incoming calls only if it is running when you are starting your Internet connection. It is recommended that you leave the Autoload option set. It will ensure you of receiving incoming call notifications.
Problem: I cannot switch from the Internet to an incoming call


  • Make sure you click the Accept button before picking up the handset.
  • Make sure you wait for the message "You can take your second call" before picking up the handset.
  • Be sure to pick up the handset before the end of the four-second delay described in Using the ICN Feature.
Problem: I do not have enough time to decide whether or not to take the incoming call once the pop-up window appears


  • This time period is determined by your telephone service provider. You will not be able to customize this.
Problem: I cannot switch back to the Internet after taking an incoming call


  • Make sure you have not exceeded the time allowed by your ISP to switch back to the existing Internet connection.
  • Be sure to click the Back button before hanging up your handset, and hang up the handset quickly when prompted.
Problem: The software keeps displaying "Unable to put Internet on hold!"


This message means that your ISP does not support putting Internet connections on hold. Contact your ISP for future availability of this feature. For the time being, you can continue using ICN for alerting you to incoming calls. In such cases, you can choose to accept an incoming call by dropping your Internet connection, or you can ignore the incoming call and remain online.

Problem: The phone number of the calling party is not being displayed. The software reports "Unknown"


This feature requires you to have Caller ID service enabled on your line. To make sure that you have this service and that it is active, contact your telephone service provider.

You will need to add an extra command to your Windows configuration to activate the recognition of the caller identification.

  • Under Windows 2000: Go to My Computer, Control Panel, Phone and Modem options, and Modems. Select your modem and click on Properties, then Advanced, and add the following to the extra settings box:  

    or +VCID=1 depending on your modem

  • Under other versions of Windows: Go to My Computer, Control Panel, and Modems. Select your modem and click on Properties, then Connection, Advanced, and add the following to the extra settings box: 

    or +VCID=1 depending on your modem

Problem: ICN disturbs my Internet connection


Some Internet applications can be disturbed by the ICN feature because of the audible signaling ("beep") of the incoming call, and also through interruption of the Internet session for a certain length of time. Such interruptions can disrupt data transfer and may can cause time-outs for some applications; e.g., file transfers. To avoid this, refrain from picking up incoming calls while running sensitive applications.

Even if you do not pick up incoming calls, data transfer is halted while ICN provides you the oportunity of picking up the second call. To avoid this, exit ICN or select Always Ignore Incoming Calls (if present).

Additionally, even if ICN is not loaded, the signalling of the second telephone call creates a short line disturbance which can momentarily delay data. To avoid this disturbance, disable the Call Waiting feature per your telephone service provider's instructions.

Problem: I get disconnected from my Internet connection when I receive incoming phone calls while online.


The incoming call will be signaled by a beep which, even if it is recognized by your V.92 modem, disturbs the data exchange between your modem and the server. In V.90 and lower modulations, this disturbance may result in a loss of connection. This reaction is server-dependent and is not in your modem's control. In order to avoid this problem, disable the Call Waiting feature per your telephone service provider's instructions.

Problem: In instances when I’ve dropped my Internet connection to take an incoming call, my phone will ring after I hang up on the voice call.


This behavior has been noticed in some countries on certain local exchanges because the server itself does not physically hang up when you press the Drop button. If you hang up on the voice call before the server's timeout time has elapsed, some local exchanges will notify you by ringing your phone that there is still an active connection on your phone line. When the phone rings, you should pick up the handset and hang up again.

Problem: ICN stopped working after I installed an additional or replacement U.S.Robotics V.92 modem.


When you switch modems, it is recommended that you uninstall ICN, and then reinstall it with your new modem. If your new modem comes with a new ICN, please install the latter.

Problem: After having accepted an incoming call and switching back to the Internet, I am not being notified of additional incoming calls.


Under certain conditions, some phone companies will not allow you to receive multiple incoming calls during the same connection if the first incoming call was never terminated; ICN does not hang up the incoming call when switching back to the Internet. If you encounter this problem, it is recommended that after finishing your voice call, wait for the calling party to hang up his/her phone before switching ICN back to the Internet. If this does not resolve the problem, then you will need to be aware of this limitation on receiving additional call notifications.