Installing Your Modem

Using the AT Command Set

Upgrading your Modem

Modes of Operation

Dialing, Answering, and Hanging Up

Configuring with DIP Switches

Working with Memory

Controlling Result Code Displays

Controlling EIA-232 Signaling

Accessing and Configuring the Courier 56K Business Modem Remotely

Controlling Data Rates

Dial Security

Flow Control

Handshaking, Error Control, Data Compression, and Throughput

Displaying Querying and Help Screens

Testing the Connection

Dedicated/Lease Line and Synchronous Applications




Alphabetic Command Summary

Flow Control Template

Result Code Meanings and Sets

Technical Information

V.25 bis Reference


Fax Information for Programmers

Viewing LEDs

Regulatory Information and Limited Warranty


Courier 56K Business Modem Command Reference

Configuring with DIP Switches

Locating DIP Switches

On the Courier 56K Business Modem, the DIP switches are on the bottom of the unit. The default setting is DIP switches 3, 5, 8, and 9 are ON (in the down position).


Using DIP Switches to Configure your Courier V.Everything Modem

To do this Set DIP Switch To this setting
Set DTR to Normal 1 OFF (Default)
Ignore DTR 1 ON
Set verbal result code display 2 OFF (Default)
Set numeric result code display 2 ON
Disable result codes 3 OFF
Enable result codes 3 ON (Default)
Enable the echo in offline commands 4 OFF (Default)
Disable the echo in offline commands 4 ON
Enable auto answer 5 OFF
Disable auto answer 5 ON (Default)
Normal Carrier Detect 6 OFF (Default)
Carrier Detect always on 6 ON
Display result codes In ALL modes 7 OFF (Default)
Display result codes in originate mode only 7 ON
Disable AT commands 8 OFF
Enable AT commands 8 ON (Default)
Disconnect on escape (+++) 9 OFF
Online command mode on escape (+++) 9 ON (Default)
Load the configuration that is stored in non-volatile memory (NVRAM) 10 OFF (Default)
Load the &F0 configuration from read-only memory (ROM) 10 ON



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