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Installing Your Modem

Using the AT Command Set

Upgrading your Modem

Modes of Operation

Dialing, Answering, and Hanging Up

Configuring with DIP Switches

Working with Memory

Controlling Result Code Displays

Controlling EIA-232 Signaling

Accessing and Configuring the Courier 56K Business Modem Remotely

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Flow Control

Handshaking, Error Control, Data Compression, and Throughput

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Alphabetic Command Summary

Flow Control Template

Result Code Meanings and Sets

Technical Information

V.25 bis Reference


Fax Information for Programmers

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Regulatory Information and Limited Warranty


Courier 56K Business Modem Command Reference

Upgrading your Modem

This chapter contains information about:

Checking Your Modem’s Software Version

Issuing the ATI7 command produces the following information to appear on your terminal screen.

USRobotics Courier V.Everything Configuration Profile...
Product type
US/Canada External
Product ID

Fax Options
Class 1,Class 2.0
Clock Freq
25 Mhz
Flash ROM
Supervisor date
DSP date
Supervisor rev
DSP rev
DAA rev
Serial Number

Check the Supervisor and Digital Signal Processor (DSP) dates found in the screen display. These dates will determine which version of the software your modem is using.


Getting New Operating Software

To get the newest version of the Courier 56K Business Modem’s operating software, go to the customer support web site at


Sending New Software to Your Modem

To send the new code to your modem, all you need is a standard terminal program that can send files using the XMODEM protocol.

  1. Start a communications software package. Adjust the settings, if necessary, so you can send AT to your modem and get an OK response.
  2. Enter ATXMODEM. The modem should respond as follows:

    Firmware Update
    (1) Read firmware
    (2) Write firmware
    ESCape Exits

  3. Select "2" to begin updating the code. The modem will respond with:

    Ready to receive firmware update

  4. Send the file to your modem using either the XMODEM-Checksum or XMODEM-CRC protocol.
  5. After the transfer is complete, you will see a *TRANSFER SUCCESSFUL* message.
    Press Escape.


If Your Modem Doesn’t Respond

If your modem doesn’t respond after the flash process, its memory may be corrupted. Follow these steps to force the new software to the modem.

  1. Power your modem on.
  2. Start your communications software package. Set your port speed to 57,600 bps, type AT and press Enter. If the Courier 56K Business Modem reports .bootmodem., it is corrupt. Issue the ATXMODEM command and repeat the flash process found on the previous page.
  3. Power your modem off.
  4. Set the DIP switches to their previous settings.
  5. Power your modem on.


Remote Flash

In order to upgrade the modem located at a remote site, you need to ensure that the remote modem is enabled for remote access. Call the remote modem from your local site and follow the steps outlined in the Accessing and Configuring the Courier 56K Business Modem Remotely chapter in this guide.


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