Troubleshooting an Internet Connection through a Wireless DSL Gateway

For the purpose of this troubleshooting procedure, a wireless DSL gateway is a device that combines the functions of a wireless router with those of a DSL modem.

  1. Complete the "Basic Troubleshooting Procedure" section on the main Troubleshooting page.
  2. Run the USRobotics Network Test from the Troubleshooting folder on the USRobotics Installation CD-ROM.

    If you run the USRobotics Network Test, follow the instructions in the utility, and still cannot connect to the Internet, manually step through the remaining procedures below.

  3. The following procedures cover troubleshooting for each of the connections between your computer and the Internet:
    1. Verify the wireless adapter's connection to the gateway. If your wireless adapter cannot communicate with the gateway, your computer cannot access the Internet.
    2. Verify the gateway's connection to the Internet. Your Internet connection must be up and functioning.

Verify the Wireless Adapter's Connection to the Gateway

  1. Try to access the gateway's configuration interface. If you can access the gateway's configuration pages, try again to access the Internet.
  2. Reset the gateway. If the gateway has a Reset button, follow the instructions of the gateway manufacturer for using the button to reset the gateway; otherwise, reboot the gateway by disconnecting and then reconnecting its power supply.

    1. Wait for the LEDs on the gateway to stabilise.
    2. Release and renew the adapter's network connection.
  3. Try again to access the gateway's configuration pages. If you can access the gateway's configuration pages, try again to access the Internet.
  4. Unless you are troubleshooting with a wired connection, set the Network Name (SSID) and security settings of the wireless adapter to match the factory default settings of the gateway.
  5. Try again to access the gateway's configuration pages.

Verify the Gateway's Connection to the Internet

In the gateway's configuration pages, find the WAN status information and verify that the gateway has a WAN IP address. This IP address indicates whether the gateway is communicating with the Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Note: If your ISP uses a static WAN protocol, make sure that the WAN IP address of the gateway is the one that is provided by your ISP or is in the same subnet as the device that is connected to the WAN port of the gateway.

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