I cannot access the configuration pages.

  1. In your Web browser, make sure that you are entering the correct IP address for the access point. To find the IP address, see Logging in to the Configuration Pages.

  2. Configure your Web browser so that the HTTP Proxy feature of your Web browser is disabled.

  3. If you are trying to access the configuration pages wirelessly, try to access them with a wired connection as follows:

    1. Using a computer connected by Ethernet cable to the same networking device as the access point, start a Web browser.

    2. Enter the IP address of the access point and press ENTER.

      • If you can access the configuration pages with a wired connection, you are experiencing a wireless connectivity issue. See the basic troubleshooting procedure.

      • If you cannot access the configuration pages with a wired connection, reboot the access point by disconnecting and then reconnecting its power supply.

        If you have rebooted the access point but still cannot access the configuration pages, restore the factory default settings of the access point to reactivate it.

        Note: When you restore the factory default settings, the access point will lose all custom settings.

        To restore the factory default settings, use a small object such as a paper clip to press in and hold the reset button on the back of the access point for 10 seconds.

        After you restore the access point to its factory default settings, reconfigure the basic settings of the access point, or, if you made a backup of your settings, restore the settings by using the backup.

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