Below you will find examples of common usage questions and solutions.

Router Settings

I have purchased another wireless PC Card, PCI Adapter or USB Adapter; what do I do to connect it to the router?

How do I set the wireless security for my router using Windows Vista?

How do I receive System Logs from the router?

How can I make my wireless network more secure?

How do I configure my router if I am connecting a gaming console?

What other router settings may be useful?

Is the firewall on my router different than the firewall I have running on my computer?

I did not originally enable any form of encryption when I set up the router in my home, but now I want to secure my wireless network; what do I do?

I want to connect the router to a DSL router that has an IP address of; what do I do?

I have switched service providers from cable to DSL PPPoE; what do I do?

I want to be able to access the router remotely on port 8080.

How do I put my router in Bridge mode?



Parental Control Settings

With your Wireless MAXg Router, you can use the firewall and security settings to set up parental controls for your network to control what types of Internet applications your children can use and even what times of the day they are allowed Internet access.

Before You Set Up Parental Controls

Have you picked a secure User name and Password for the router?

Have you set the time on your router?

Parental Control Examples

The examples below show some of the common rules you can implement with the Wireless MAXg Router. While these tutorials give specific examples, you can use them and modify the times, dates and other information to apply to your own network.

I want to control the times when my child's computer can access the Internet.