If you have any trouble with the modem, first perform the following steps:

  1. Verify that all connectors and cables are connected correctly. This includes all cables connecting the telephone line, the modem, and your computer.
  2. If possible, test your modem with a different phone cord and/or wall jack.
  3. Try a different USB port on your computer. If a USB hub is being used, try plugging directly into the USB port on the computer.
  4. Shut down and restart your computer.
  5. If you still have trouble with the modem, verify the modem was installed correctly.

If you still have trouble using the modem, follow the procedure below that best describes your symptom.

Modem Issues

My PWR LED is not lit.

My communications software does not recognize the modem.

My modem does not dial out or answer incoming calls.

My modem tries to connect to another modem, but the connection fails.

My modem or computer is performing erratically.

My modem is not achieving a 56K Internet connection.

USR MoH (Modem on Hold) Issues

My modem drops the ISP connection when I accept incoming calls.

I am not being notified of incoming calls while online.

I cannot switch from the Internet to an incoming call.

I do not have enough time to decide whether or not to take the incoming call once the pop-up window appears.

USR MoH does not display the caller ID information.

USR MoH interrupts my Internet connection.