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Our goal is to ensure that you receive the most accurate response to your question. To provide you with the best support possible we need your assistance. Please complete the following form and include a detailed description of your problem. When you are finished, click the Send E-mail button. Fields marked with a • are required for e-mail support.

Answers to typical questions as well as drivers, firmware, software and documents are available on the individual product support pages. Check the FAQs and links to the right for common issues. Go to the main support page or select your product from the pulldown menu on the right for specific files or troubleshooting.

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USR4000 USR Call Director To E-mail a technician about our USR Call Director please use this specific E-mail a Technican page.

0459, 0460, 0461 Model numbers Model numbers starting with the number 04 or 05 are normally FCC model numbers, not USRobotics model numbers. Find out more on our FCC Model Number page.

Can't find your product code? We know it can be confusing. Which number is which? Let our Support 101 show you how to decipher all those numbers.

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