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Modem Installation and Configuration for Windows 98 FE/98 SE/2000/Me


The USRobotics USB ADSL Modem requires the following PC features to operate:

  • A host PC that supports the Universal Serial Bus (USB)
  • USB Cable
  • RJ-11 telephone cable
  • 32 MB of RAM and 10 MB of hard disk space (memory extensive applications may require more RAM)
  • Pentium 100 MHz (minimum)
  • Windows 98 FE, 98 SE, Me, or 2000 (requires Windows CD-ROM)

NOTE: If you are not sure if you are using Windows 98 First Edition, right click My Computer and Properties. If your version is Windows 98, version 4.10.1998, you are using Windows 98 First Edition.

The ADSL network must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • ADSL service from your local telephone company or access to an ADSL DSLAM (Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer)
  • PC configured with static IP address or dynamic IP address assignment via DHCP, Gateway server address, and DNS server address from your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or Network Administrator


1. Prepare for Installation

NOTE: It is very important that you have your serial number written down for future reference. If you ever need to call our Technical Support department, you will need this number to receive assistance. You can find your serial number on a bar code sticker on the modem and also on the box.

Make sure that your PC is on and that you have your operating system CD-ROM readily available.

2. Connect the Modem

  • Insert the rectangular end of the included USB cable into the USB port of your PC, and the square end of the cable into the USB port of the USRobotics USB ADSL Modem. The Add New Hardware wizard will appear.
  • Click Next. The What Do You Want Windows To Do window will appear. Click Next.
  • Insert the Installation CD into the CD-ROM.
  • Check CD-ROM drive and make sure all other selections are unchecked. Click Next. Windows will indicate it has found the USRobotics USB ADSL Modem.
  • Click Next. Click Finish.

3. Select the Driver

  • Select from the list the type of Network connection you will use. Options are WAN, LAN, or ATM. If you are uncertain which driver to select, refer to your DSL Internet Service Provider for assistance.
  • Once you select the appropriate option, click Next. The Start Copying Files window will appear. Click Next to start copying files to the system.
  • Once all files are copied onto the system, the DSL Installer will appear, indicating it is searching for your modem. Once the modem is detected, the modem's power light will turn green and the data light will flash. You may be prompted to insert your operating system CD-ROM.

    (Windows 2000 and Me Users: A Digital Signature Not Found screen may appear.* Click Yes. Windows will verify that your modem is properly installed).

4. Reboot

You will be prompted to restart your PC. Click Yes, I want to restart my computer now, remove any disks from their drives, and click Finish. Click Yes to confirm that you want to reboot the system.

5. Connect the Modem to your Phone Line

Connect one end of the included phone cord to the phone port on the back of your modem and connect the other end into the phone jack on the wall. The installation of the USRobotics USB ADSL Modem is complete. Your data LED should illuminate a solid green.

* USRobotics has thoroughly tested this driver in conjunction with the supported hardware and has verified compatibility with Windows 2000 and Windows Me. Because USRobotics wants its customers to take full advantage of the modem's functionality, we have made the driver available.