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My computer did not recognize the modem.

Possible Solution:

  • Make sure that the USB cable is connected to the USB port located in the back of your PC.
  • If a second USB port in the back of your PC is available, connect the USB cable into this USB port.
  • Make sure the USB cable is securely plugged into the modem.
  • Check the computer provider's documentation if the USB devices are not recognized.

The drivers are installed, the power LED is ON, the phone line is connected, but the data light is off or keeps flashing.

Possible Solution:

  • Make sure that the phone line is securely attached at both ends of the modem and the wall jack.
  • Insure there is NO phone line filter between the modem and the wall jack.
  • Insure that microfilters are placed between the wall adapter and any telephones, fax machines, answering machines, or any other non-DSL telephone equipment. (Microfilters are usually supplied by your DSL Internet Service Provider)
  • Unplug the USB cable from the modem for 2-3 minutes but leave the phone line connected. Plug the USB cable back into the modem. This should cause the modem to reconnect.

After configuring the TCP/IP settings, the modem does not establish a connection to the Internet.

Possible Solution:

  • Double-check the ATM settings of the modem. Click the DSL icon in your Windows system tray located in the right, lower corner of the screen near the clock, or go to the Control Panel by clicking Start, Settings, and Control Panel. Double-click USRobotics USB ADSL Modem.
  • In the USRobotics Application, click the Configuration tab and verify that the VPI, VCI numbers and the Encapsulation settings match what your DSL Internet Service Provider has provided. If they are not correct, refer to the documentation and/or CD-ROM provided by your DSL Internet Service Provider.

The installation failed.


You will need to uninstall the failed installation.

  1. Click Windows Start, select Settings followed by Control Panel.
  2. Click Add/Remove Programs.
  3. Locate the USRobotics USB ADSL Modem and double-click USRobotics USB ADSL Modem. You may have to scroll down to locate this program.
  4. Click Add/Remove.
  5. When the DSL Modem Installer application is launched, click Remove and select Yes when asked Are you sure you want to remove this software? Do not unplug the USB cable until drivers are removed and a reboot is requested.

Are You Still Having Problems?

1. Call the Dealer Who Sold You this USRobotics Product

The dealer or DSL Internet Service Provider may be able to troubleshoot the problem over the phone or may request that you bring the product back to the store for service.

2. Contact the USRobotics Technical Support Department

For current support contact information, go to the following web site: