About the USRobotics USB ADSL Modem

Modem Installation and Configuration for Windows 98 FE/98 SE/2000/Me

Configuring the TCP/IP Settings

Customizing USB ADSL Modem Settings

Control Panel Application

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Product Specifications for USB ADSL Modem

Manufacturer's Declaration of Conformity


USB ADSL Modem User Guide

Uninstall Modem Software

You can remove the USRobotics USB ADSL Modem software drivers by performing the following steps.

NOTE: The USB cable should not be unplugged until after the uninstall process has been completed. For Windows 98 applications, the cable must be unplugged immediately following the successful completion of the uninstall process.

  • Click Start, select Programs, click USRobotics USB ADSL Modem, and click Uninstall. A notification message will indicate that the setup process has begun.
  • In the DSL Modem Installer window, click Remove.
  • When you are asked to confirm removal of the modem drivers, click Yes. The Setup Complete window will indicate successful completion of the uninstall process.
  • Click Finish. Windows will ask you to restart your system; click Yes.